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All units are delivered on pallets or carton boxes to ensure the highest safety during the transport.
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3 days

he SCR is designed and manufactured for high performance competitive racing- slalom and speed. It presents the cutting edge in race sail design, with the optimal symmetry between aerodynamics, material selection and design. A symmetry defined by our goal, to create the best Competition Race sail in the world.


This year we have focused on improving the acceleration and making the sail more explosive in your hands. This has been achieved by making the top half of the sail stiffer, partly by replacing the Q-Ply in the top with Monofilm but also by making the leach tighter and the sleeve stiffer by using X-Ply instead of sleeve material. To improve the profile stability and balance we have added carbon battens on mid sail body battens. To reduce the swing weight we have added a small diameter carbon tube batten on the top batten. The sail comes out the bag ready for PWA racing or GPS speed sailing!


Our Symmetric Batten Pocket Design offers major performance advantages. They create a perfect aerodynamic symmetry on both tacks of the sail, as well as reducing the weight and increasing the strength by using less seams and material. In addition, The Kevlar Stretch Control tendon allow for a deeper sail profile in the lower part of the sail, keeping the sail integrity intact when the stronger gusts hit you, delivering a remarkable powerful and stable performance.